Information on visa application and immigration

We look forward to welcoming you in Indonesia for APK 2018!
Before traveling to Indonesia please familiarize yourself with the visa and immigration regulations below.

General requirements

Regardless of the visa type, please make sure to meet the following requirements for traveling to Indonesia:
  1. Passport validity for at least 6 months from the day you enter Indonesia
  2. Proof of a return ticket or round trip ticket
  3. At least one blank page in your passport

Visa types

There are three visa options available for visiting the APK in Jakarta, Indonesia. The types of visas are described below. Please pay attention to which one is suitable for you.

Visa Free

Visa on Arrival Visit Visa

For whom?

For 169 countries, including Germany. Check the country list here. For 68 countries, including Germany. Check the country list here. If the Visa Free or Visa on Arrival is not available for you.
How long? Valid for 30 days (not one month); no further extension or transfer into any other type of stay permit possible. Valid for 30 days but can be extended for another 30 days in the Immigration Office. Valid for 60 days; can be extended for another 30 days in Immigration Office up to five times.
How much?* Free of charge. 35 USD, payable in cash at the Visa On Arrival counter. Depends on the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General.
How to get? Visa can be obtained at designated points of entry. Visa can be obtained at designated points of entry. If you need a Visit Visa please contact the APK-Team at
Restrictions? Valid for the purpose of inter alia, granted to give lectures or attend conferences (e.g. APK) or seminars.  It does not apply for conducting journalistic activities.    

* Please note that all visa costs will be borne solely by the participant.

The information above has been compiled to the best of knowledge and belief. AHK Indonesia assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.


Immigration to Indonesia:

In order to enter Indonesia you need to complete a Passenger Arrival Card when passing through Customs Passport Control. The Passenger Arrival Card will be handed out during your flight or is available in the arrival area at the airport.


Customs prohibited and restricted goods:

Certain items are not allowed to be brought into Indonesia, have restrictions for entry, or must be declared. Please inform yourself about these items before traveling to Indonesia.
You can find an overview here.